‘About A Boy’ Adds Annie Mumolo To Cast

TV 17/12/2013

Annie Mumolo-AES-056151

The single camera comedy, based on book and the 2002 film, will premiere in early 2014 on NBC.  Written by the legendary Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood), the series follows Will (David Walton) a wild and immature bachelor, as he develops a relationship with a young boy who lives next door with his mother Fiona (Minnie Driver).

This MUCH anticipated series will not disappoint, I have already seen the pilot and it is really great.  To add to all of the hype of the show, Annie Mumolo (one of the writers and actors in ‘Bridesmaids’) will be introduced as big recurring character!  Mumolo will play Laurie, who is the wife of Will’s best friend, played by Al Madrigal.  In the pilot, the character was originally played Anjelah Johnson, however now Mumolo will be stepping in.


Are you excited for About A Boy?  We sure are!


Written by Sam Davidson