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IdealMedia allows you to expose your content to new readers via partnerships with only the highest quality publishers. We are very selective with who we allow into our exclusive club. We guarantee real, engaged readers viewing multiple pages. No ads, no bots.


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IdealMedia makes promoting your products easy by providing access to a growing audience of consumers who can be segmented by gender, age, location and unique interests.


IdealMedia is one of the largest content recommendation platforms in the world. We set ourselves apart by featuring only the highest quality brands and publishers.

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IdealMedia is Simple, Effective, Convenient and...

Custom Solutions for Every Website

We provide custom integration solutions that will match every website or CMS. Contact us to find the right fit for you.

Support Right from NYC

Our dedicated account management team is comprised of marketers, analysts and editors who love working together to improve your campaigns.

What’s New?

Our content marketing blog provides you with the latest in online trends in content discovery, marketing and online advertising.

Feedback? Ideas?

We love to hear feedback and ideas from our partners, even those not with us yet. If you have any special ideas or concepts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.